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Roses are red,
violets are blue,
buy your girl something sexy,
or your balls will be too!

Valentines day is almost upon us, which means a couple of things, the first of which is you need to make sure you don't forget to buy your girlfriend or wife a Valentines day gift! We both know that if you forget to buy them "Valentines day flowers" or get them a "Valentines day card" you will hear about it for 364 days until you get to try again next year. Let this year be different! Let this year be the year you knock her socks off with something kinky, something sexy, something funny! Hey gals --guys love sexy gifts too!


Here are some free Valentines ideas for something sexy and fun you can get your loved one, or even get your loved one to buy for you! A sexy adult Valentines Day gift might be the perfect way to not only show her you remembered but how badly you want her! Remember women like to feel sexy, they crave knowing that they are desired, and at the end of the day they really do think about sex as much as guys do! So give in, don't buy her something this year that is going to die, buy her something that is going to keep your sex life alive and thriving!

Sexy Valentines Lingerie will always add a special something.

Sexy Valentines lingerie is an amazing choice for a sexy Valentines day gift because it will make your girl feel wanted, it will make her feel sexy in the bedroom, and it is the gift that keeps on giving! Every time she slips it on she will remember that you bought it for her and that you wanted to see her in it! There are tons of sexy lingerie options out there, here are some of the options we recommend:

Buy a remote control thong valentines day gift Buy a blindfold for valentines Day Valentines Day Gift - Body Swing Buy tease and please kit for valentines day gift
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Bondage gear definitely takes it up a notch.

Bondage Gear is another group of items that can actually make for incredibly fun and adventurous Valentines day. There are all kinds of toys out there from the crazy ones like anal sex toys, the teasing ones like chastity devices and even just the slightly kinky ones live love potions and powders. Depending on how adventurous your relationship is or how adventurous you want to make it, there is bondage gear that will do the trick! Now the trick is when you give this present to your girl you need to make sure you explain that you really wanted to buy her something that would allow her to experience new and exciting things, not that things aren't that way now, but you want to make sure they always will be. Women tend to eat that up and it also softens the blow of her unwrapping a huge butt plug when she was expecting Valentines day chocolates or Valentines day roses. Search for the best Valentines day Bondage Gear here:

Buy a begginner bondage kit Buy a bondage fantasy kit Buy Valentines Day Handcuffs Valentines Day Gift - Body Swing
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We have tons more Valentines day gift ideas!

Fucking machines are about as hardcore as you can get.

Now fucking machines are definitely a gift that is a lot more adventurous. But if your wife is nuts and you've ever asked yourself "what do you get someone who has everything?"… Fucking Machines are your answer! There are a lot of different machines out there and heck you could even make your own but lets face it, you don't want to be the one responsible for something "breaking" and electrocuting your girl's vagina do you?! So leave the actual construction to the pros, and just enjoy the playing part. There are a lot of different machines to look at, some of them are rotational, some are articulating, some are really big, and other fucking machines are fairly small. Your best bet is to take a little bit of time and search for what you think would be the best way to break her into this amazing new hobby in the bedroom, garage, or tool shed! Take a look at some of the fucking machines offered, there are drilldos, fucksaws, rotating pummelers and even some made out of kitchen appliances!

OK, so maybe your girl isn't quite as sexual or as sexually adventurous as you'd like… there are definitely other avenues to try. Maybe try something funny? A funny Valentines day gift might be just the ticket to make her laugh, make her smile, and maker her loosen up a little bit. No matter what you decide to do, just make sure you don't end up forgetting or buying something too late!

Buy a playful penis center piece Buy an inflatable penis for valentines day Buy a Mr Stud inflatable doll for Valentines day present Buy Penis Shooters as Valentines Day Presents
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Looking for even more Valentines Day or Sexy Gift Ideas? We got you covered:



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